Hello! These are the rules of guidelines of our community that you must follow FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I'm kidding (Not). I am going to place the rules and guidelines in a series of blog posts since as of October, forums were replaced with discussions and I feel that is not an appropiate place to place something so important such as this. 

Ok,let's start. Hi! I am the new administrator and bureaucrat ShutinOtaku! Yea, doesn't roll of the tongue much does it? Ok call me Tony. Here are the rules and guidelines of this wikia. They will at least be updated every three months or when a decent amount of rules were added or subtracted. Here we go.

#1 : Have fun! The water's nice! It's actually crystal clear to! Everyone can join in!

Note: Mini-modding is acceptable as long as it doesn't start fights, if it does find someone that's a moderator or admin. So what should you do? Give them a FRIENDLY nudge to this blog post.

Offence System: For first offence, you get a direct warning message on your wall and a possible bite from Brent. For second offence you will be blocked/kicked for a day, third offence will result in a weekly ban from the wiki, for the fourth offence it will be a monthly kick/ban, for the final offence you will be banned from the wiki permanently.

Overall Rules

Note these rules apply to chat, blogs, pages etc. etc.

  • Be appropiate- This wiki is most likely targeted around kids so no sexual content and use common sense.
  • No cussing. This is basically saying you want to drop your ratchet dignity.
  • No harassment- Playing around is fine, but stop means stop. If the situation gets out of hand, come to a staff member and inform them of it.
  • Respect the staff members- most likely they are not making up the rules and are doing their job. Do not defy the will of gods. 
  • No ban evading- This includes making a new account using a friend's account or using your cat's account or even your friend's friend's uncle's cat's father's friend's zombie's account either.
  • Have fun!-What's the purpose of Wikia if there's no fun! Note: if this does not happen Robin will shoot you with her bow.

Page Rules

  • Make sure your pages relate to Mistylyne
  • Please do not make pages that add to the information of Mistylyne or her series. (This concludes fanfictions, OC's and others.)
  • Do not delete all info from a page UNLESS it does not contribute to the information of the page name. Rewording or Replacing incorrect info is fine.

Category Rules

  • Simple, no duplication categories (Eg; Female and Females or MCR Episodes or Minecraft Royalty Episodes.)
  • If you add a category make sure it's not a duplicate.

Chat Rules

Our offences here are like Pokemon...One offence is a kick (warning) second will be a day ban, third a week, and it's final evolution is the permanent ban, it's attack is at least inflicting +9000 damage.

  • Do not repeatedly spam chat- sending lots of messages in a short period of time that is the same word/phrase or random letters.

Blog Rules

  • Follow the overall rules and bites will be avoided.

Well, there it is wait.. WHAT?!?!

-A Wild Lvl 69. Blurb appears-

All this being said, never let these rules intimidate you, Wikis thrive off of being kind and caring places and honestly, as the Owner, that means the most to me. NEVERRR be to intimidated to approch me, mods, or other Admins as it is honestly our #1 goal to be as kind as possible and not robots, because robots stink like smelly gym socks. But yeah so anyways, I really wish rules didn't have to be so harsh. -.- I love all ya faces ╰(˵ヘωヘ✿)╯ ~Tony :D

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